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Company Profile

Gwo-Jyh Warp Knitting Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Taoyuan, Taiwan. It focuses on development in the fields related to high-performance elastic fabrics and has professional teams of R&D, production, sales and marketing. Gwo-Jyh Warp Knitting adheres to the motto of high-quality products and is customer-demand oriented to provide the most professional customer service. In the face of a changing fashion market, the team of Gwo-Jyh Warp Knitting can promptly react and satisfy the demands of various functional cloth specimens.

Gwo-Jyh Warp Knitting provides more than 1000 models of cloths, including various functional cloths such as swimsuits, underwear, sportswear and leotards as well as other peripheral products. Facing the era of textile technology changing from day to day, Gwo-Jyh Warp Knitting depends on its continuous progressing of technology development and innovation to lead the industry trend; as long as the customer can imagine, then we can realize it.

Quality management

High quality is the persistent promise of Gwo-Jyh Warp Knitting, we practice the idea of total quality management throughout the entire workforce and our fabric factories have passed the certifications of ISO9001 and ISO 14001. Each type of product has passed strict instrument tests and each production worker has received professional training to ensure all products meet the strict quality standards of the company.

  • ISO14001 Certification
  • ISO9001 Certification

Based in Taiwan and think globally

Except Taiwan headquarters, Gwo-Jyh Warp Knitting will continue to cooperate with global customers, including good enterprises in the USA, Britain, Germany, Japan, Southeast Asia, China and Hong Kong, etc to jointly provide the industry-leading technical information for the textile industry and thus ensure that the customers of Gwo-Jyh Warp Knitting can receive products and services of the highest quality.